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The Dynamic African Consumer Market: Exploring Growth Opportunities in Sub-Saharan Africa

The growth of Africa’s consumer markets presents an opportunity too big to ignore.

However, companies intent on pursuing high performance through developing African markets need to adjust their expectations and strategies in accordance with African realities. Accenture quantifies the opportunity, provides a basic segmentation of Sub-Saharan Africa’s consumer markets and proposes a simple seven-step framework for […]

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Africa’s path to growth: Sector by sector

Although Africa’s growth prospects are bright, they differ not only country by country but also sector by sector. In these articles, we examine the possibilities for seven of them: agriculture, banking, consumer goods, infrastructure, mining, oil and gas, and telecommunications. Perhaps the most fundamental point is that Africa’s growth story is hardly limited to the extractive […]

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What’s driving Africa’s growth

Africa’s economic pulse has quickened, infusing the continent with a new commercial vibrancy. Real GDP rose by 4.9 percent a year from 2000 through 2008, more than twice its pace in the 1980s and ’90s. Telecommunications, banking, and retailing are flourishing. Construction is booming. Private-investment inflows are surging.

To be sure, many of Africa’s 50-plus individual economies […]

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The hottest frontier

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WHEN you are trying to keep a retail outfit afloat amid hyperinflation, it helps to have a sideline. “We had a business selling crocodile skins to Hermès and Gucci for shoes and handbags,” says John Koumides, chief executive of Innscor, a conglomerate based in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare. The currency earned […]

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Insight: Should car journeys be the last resort?

Work-related travel is an essential component of modern business.

In its simplest form, it entails the movement of employees to their place of work.

Then there’s the means by which those same staff are transported in order to carry out their duties.

According to research from the RAC Foundation and the British Chambers of Commerce, people travel most […]

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