Fuel market growth and ensure effective distribution

Map your markets, understand them, define structure, deliver top service, and stand out – with our sales & distribution software

Differentiate your distribution operations and gain competitive advantage with software that helps you proactively understand your markets’ product and service needs. With Sphere gain the ability to plan, map, integrate, stock, sell, distribute, monitor and analyze your entire sales and distribution operation – all on one unified cloud based IT platform. Allowing you to create structure, drive sales, achieve operational excellence, profitable growth, and improved cash flow.

A light weight cloud based platform specifically designed with fully functional offline capabilities to allow for a complete, dynamic and flexible solution to managing sales & distribution operations within difficult environments across the developing world. Minimal set up costs and minimal running costs with no in-house servers, the Sphere platform allows for scalable and streamlined deployment in sales & distribution operations across any sector. From the consumer products industry through to construction materials, every customer is different but the principle is the same. Map and build your markets, align your supply infrastructure, drive sales and deliver first class customer service whilst ensuring efficient market supply.

Increased revenue growth and sales volume per employee

Reduced days sales outstanding and shorter financial close cycles

Improved operating margins and employee productivity

Lower cost of goods sold and operating expense

Improved inventory accuracy and demand planning