Sphere Will Benefit Your Business?

Full Market Visability

Market mapping in fast changing, dynamic markets across the developing world provides organisations with the ability to physically see their respective markets and gain insight on:

  • Exact size and scope of the market
  • Number of outlets and their locations
  • Market segmentation
The Sphere System comes with an integrated market mapping tool which will allow your field based staff to map your markets and continuously update your working database as the market dynamics change and evolve.

Strategically plan for product pricing by market segmentation, distribution capacity requirements and the location of warehouse operations across your respective markets.

Market Management & Development

Instil proactive customer centric market development. The Sphere System assigns direct customer development responsibility for field & call centre based customer representatives. Manage your sales force effectively, build strong customer relationships and drive your sales growth. With the integrated call centre and field based customer management system your customer facing staff can process orders, log customer visits and calls as well as process and manage their customer complaints.

Market Pricing

Define and implement effective market pricing structures based on the market segmentation. Ensure selling price compliance through a central SMS order confirmation sent to all customers upon order placement.

Make your business dynamic and get control of your market pricing with the flexibility of changing your product pricing at the touch of a button. Create new price lists and amend existing price lists anywhere, anytime through your reporting management application.

Warehouse & Stock Management

Take control of your stock & warehouse operations with the integrated Sphere warehouse management system. Gain full control, accountability and management of all stock movements across your distributional footprint. Sphere provides live information on each respective distribution centres available stock, actual stock, stock received, stock dispatched as well as unaccounted missing or excessive stock.

Access ‘real time’ analysis of the performance of each operating depot from average vehicle loading times, average time from order placement to delivery and stock management performance. Implement key performance indicators and performance based incentive schemes and proactively develop and manage your operations.

Vehicle Loading, Route Optimization & Delivery Management

Gain distributional efficiency and process orders for delivery based on their geographic areas. The integrated driver management application with in vehicle navigation optimizes routes for fast, efficient and effective market supply. Maximize your fuel efficiency, vehicle utilization and capacity to deliver to your respective markets.

All orders are 100% traceable, trackable and accountable from order placement to final delivery and customer confirmation, allowing for easy follow up and clear visibility on any orders progress & status. Track and view your distribution vehicles in relation to their assigned delivery locations both historically and in ‘real time’.

Operational Analytics

Get live, ‘real time’ and historical visibility on your operational performance and efficiencies at the touch of a button. With an integrated mobile reporting management application you will be able to view your operations on your tablet device from anywhere in the world at any time, giving you a powerful tool to monitor and manage your business performance.

Market Reports & Analytics

Understand your market, your relative level of performance within it and gain in-depth insight with, live, ‘real time’ , historical geospatial sales & market analytics. Make informed decisions with analysis on geographic sales performance across each of your product & market segments, information on competitor pricing structures and market share breakdown.

View live and historical geospatial sales & market analytics at the touch of a button, anywhere, anytime with your reporting management application. Monitor and manage your sales operation at your convenience.

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