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Call Center

The Sphere System's call centre module allows you to manage your mapped market and instill a customer centric approach to provide a single point of contact that your market can rely on when looking to make enquiries, place orders or submit complaints. Each call centre user is assigned a specific customer base to inherit accountability and implement a strong and reliable customer service function.


Field Staff

Field based staff are essential to ensuring progressive market development in dynamic and ever changing markets across the developing world. But without adequate protocol, these staff are inherently difficult to manage. With the Sphere System, your field staff users are assigned a specific customer base and geographic area of responsibility. Integrated with field staff tracking, management reporting as well as commission management, your field staff personnel are fully accountable for their performance with complete transparency. Managing your market with the field staff user application will allow your field based personnel to register new customers, add orders, manage customer complaints and conduct market research from predefined forms. With their task management feature, ensure a structured approach to customer visits and follow ups. Integrated with field staff navigation, ensure your field personnel work efficiently and with clear direction.


Integrated with field staff tracking, management reporting as well as commission management…

Order Queuing and Delivery Monitoring Manager

Manage your delivery trucks effectively, assign orders to vehicles based on their geographic allocation and ensure full control and visibility on all dispatched deliveries with the central order queuing and delivery monitoring user. Capable of managing order delivery assignment on any vehicle weight capacity whilst maintaining maximum loads, the intuitively built user interface allows for a simple user experience. Integrated with delivery monitoring, this user is also able to see the status of all dispatches as well as live & historical tracking of the delivery vehicles in relation to their delivery locations.


Depot Managers and Agents

Manage your distribution centers effectively and ensure full control of your operations with the depot management module. The depot management user is responsible for authorizing receipt of stock, submission of damages, submission of mandatory stock check figures, loading of vehicles as well as driver management, vehicle refuelling & maintenance submission. Integrated with the reporting management system, give your depot management structure and accountability with full visibility and transparency on stock damages, missing or stolen stock, vehicle fuel efficiencies and maintenance costs.



Get full control of your drivers, give them direction and structure with the Sphere’s integrated driver application. Assign orders for delivery and navigate your drivers directly to each delivery location with optimised routes for better fuel, operational and performance efficiencies. The integrated tablet application continuously relays data to the Sphere system so all driver movements are 100% traceable and trackable.


Management and Executives

Take control of your Sales & Distribution operations with the Sphere management reporting application. Gain quantifiable visibility on your field staff, call center, depots, 3rd party distributors and driver workforces and ensure effective operational management and market supply. The integrated reporting management application provides detailed high level executive reports as well as mid tier day to day operational reports to allow your management to take control and for you to drive your business forward.


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