Gain Control and Drive Business Forward with Sphere

The Sphere system provides a single unified IT platform across your sales & distribution operations. Allowing you to map your markets with the latest geospatial software, integrate this within your existing market supply infrastructure and proactively drive sales. Gain visibility and efficiency with integrated vehicle navigation, route optimisation and delivery tracking. Reduce operational costs with better fuel efficiencies whilst ensuring 100% of order deliveries.

Sphere enables you to create full operational visibility across your salesforce, routes to market, distributional network, stock holdings and delivery fleet performance. Allowing you to set KPI’s, incentivise your workforce, gain control and drive your business forward.

Live, real time operational and market analytics gives you control of your sales and distribution operations, allowing you to gain competitive advantage, make informed decisions and ensure effective market supply whilst delivering efficiencies and reducing costs.

Utilising the latest cloud based technology with fully integrated offline and mobile capabilities, the Sphere system has been designed to be a light weight, agile and cost effective solution to managing sales and distribution operations within emerging markets.